About Us

About Us

Over the last century, press releases remain at the heart of news content source. To this day, it remains as a staple Public Relations tool that magnifies your communication reach. Despite the far advancement of communications in this digital and social media age – paving the way for faster news sourcing, the wires are still the most reliable and comprehensive source of accurate information. It’s direct from the source and verified by the source.

Why Choose Us

Newsbeat Wire’s media network is built from the ground up through personalized and localized-approach media relations, subsequently procuring an extensive media base across countries and regions that will ascertain optimum reach for your press releases.

How do we do it?

  • First, we build strategic partnerships to provide you with guaranteed or niche media outlets.
  • Second, we personally and constantly build and nurture relationships with journalists and media outlets.
  • Third, our Media Relations Team pitches your PRs to journalists and media outlets to give it that extra push.
  • Fourth, we share your news on various social media platforms to inspire engagements from your key audiences.

And of course, we can show you your ROI through a post-release report system that is both original and cutting-edge. Our Media Monitoring Team leaves no stone unturned in getting your PR’s media coverage.